30% off Extra Woo Plugins 2018 Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale!

It’s not as big in Australia as America (it’s getting there), but we’ve decided to jump on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bandwagon. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a discount?

From Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th 2018, all of our plugins will be available for 30% off the standard price for your first year!

We’ll try to keep our timing in line with the US, but please forgive us if we’re a little bit out of whack due to the time difference in Australia! The sale will be available all weekend also, so you’ll definitely be able to get your discount 🙂

Discount Code

Enter the code SAVE30 into the checkout when you purchase any of our plugins.

Our Plugins

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce


Our most popular plugin, Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce encourages your customers to complete that sale! A great plugin for WooCommerce ticket and event sales!

Increase your conversation rates using the site wide banner as well as the checkout notices banner to give your customers a sense of urgency. The countdown will continue to count even after customers have closed their browser! When they return to your store, the countdown will continue in real time.

Please note that this plugin only runs in the browser, so customer carts will only clear if they’re on your site when the countdown reaches zero. If you need to clear customer carts when they’ve left your site, we recommend the Clear Cart for WooCommerce Plugin.

Clear Cart for WooCommerce

Clear cart and sessions for WooCommerce

One of our popular plugins, WooCommerce Clear Cart stops idle customers holding onto your products! Use this plugin to clear inactive customer carts and sessions, even after they’ve left your site. Set your preferred cart expiry time and let the plugin do the work!

Featured Videos for WooCommerce

Featured videos for WooCommerce

Give your customers a more engaging experience by adding a featured video to your product page. Featured Videos for WooCommerce helps make your products stand out from the rest! You can use social videos, such as YouTube, or self-hosted videos.

Extra Woo Basic Bundle

If you think you might need multiple plugins, don’t forget about our Extra Woo Basic BundleThis includes Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce, Clear Cart for WooCommerce, and Featured Videos for WooCommerce. Access all three plugins at a discounted price!

Happy Shopping!!

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