Extra Woo Halloween Sale

Here at Extra Woo, we’re try to celebrate the little things. We decided to start with a Halloween Sale to celebrate our first October in business!

Get 10% Off This Halloween

This year, we want to give you 10% off all Extra Woo Plugins as a treat.
And no, we’re not tricking!

Just enter the coupon code TREAT10  into the checkout when you go to purchase any of our plugins or bundles. This discount will be available up until October 31 of 2018 only!

Why Do A Halloween Sale?

So what prompted us to do a Halloween discount? Well, we’re glad you asked. Morgan and I are huge fans of the Overwatch game. It’s basically our go-to when we need to relax (although often it’s quite stressful anyway). So, when we saw that they were having a Halloween event, we thought, why don’t we do that too? Maybe at least one person will be excited about it – we hope!

What Are We Doing To Celebrate Halloween?

If you want the honest answer, probably nothing (apart from the sale, of course). We might look up a bunch of festive ideas and then be so busy working that we forget it’s Halloween. Such is the life of the plugin developer.

We really can’t be bothered with all the effort that comes with these exciting events. Simplicity is our keyword. This year, we might be carving some oranges and putting candles in them because pumpkins take up way too much space and cost a lot more than oranges. They’re still the same color and shape, right?

We might even go crazy and carve ourselves a Halloween pineapple – after all, pineapple tastes a lot better than pumpkin, and you don’t have to cook it first!

There’s heaps of different options for Halloween carving, plus plenty of different tools you can use to make carving quicker, like a cordless drill for example.

We do love a good scary movie and snacks. Unfortunately, we’re a bit too old to go out trick or treating, as much as I’d like to try. We’ll probably just end up buying some bags of Haribo lollies – our favourites. Maybe some of the cheap 99c Sweet and Salty popcorn from the supermarket if we can be bothered microwaving it ourselves.

If we do get time though, we want to try making some pretzel spiderwebs and Oreo spiders. Or maybe we’ll just make our favourite sweet drink, the spider.

This year, we’ll be watching the classic 1979 Alien movie. Let us know if you have any good recommendations!

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