How to Edit the WooCommerce General Store Settings

In this post, we’ll go through the General Settings in the WooCommerce plugin.

If you’ve used the WooCommerce Setup Wizard, some of these settings will be filled in already, but you can still edit them here.

First, click on the WooCommerce tab on the left and click Settings.

You will see about seven tabs up the top. In this post, we will cover the General Tab.

Store Address

This is the location of your business, not your personal address (unless of course your business and personal address are the same).

General Options

Selling location

The selling location option lets you choose which countries you sell to by using the dropdown menu. This option is purely related to the cash part of your sale, not the shipping part.

You have three options here:

1. Sell to all countries. That’s pretty straightforward – your products will be available to anybody anywhere.

2. Sell to all countries, except for … If you select this option, you’ll get an extra box where you can choose which countries you don’t want to sell to. Your products will be available to everyone, except the countries you don’t want to sell to.

3. Sell to specific countries. If you choose this option, you’ll be given an extra box to pick which countries you do want to sell to. If you use this option, only people from the countries you add to the list will be able to purchase your products.

Shipping location

This option allows you to select which countries your products can be delivered to.

Remember that selling and shipping are two different things. Customers can have a different postal address to their residential address – it might even be in a different country. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to allow your customers to ship your products to different places, or if you don’t want the hassle. Maybe you want to only sell to a certain country for tax purposes, but you want to ship your products everywhere. The world is your pickle!

You can choose from a few options.

1. Ship to all countries you sell to – if you select this option, your products will only be shipped to the countries you’ve selected to sell to.

2. Ship to all countries – If you select this option, your customers can ship your products anywhere in the world. This option is useful if you only want to sell to specific countries, but you are happy to ship your products to any country.

3. Ship to specific countries only – This option lets you select which countries you will ship to. Customers will only be able to ship your products to the countries you list here.

4. Disable shipping and shipping calculations – This option means customers won’t get any shipping options at all. This is good for if you’re selling digital products. If you select this option, the shipping tab at the top of your WooCommerce settings page will disappear.

If you want your store to be pickup only, you’ll need to leave the shipping settings enabled (such as ship to all countries you sell to) and go into the Shipping tab, add a new zone and select local pickup as the shipping method.

Enable Taxes

Ticking this box will give you an extra Tax tab with settings for you to go through.

Taxes are crazy complicated and depend on the country you’re in. We struggle to sort out our own taxes, so we’ll refer you to WooCommerce’s detailed information on their tax options.

Enable Coupons

This creates a coupons option under the WooCommerce tab in the sidebar.

Coupons are for giving customers discounts or other special offers, such as free shipping.

If want to use coupons, click enable coupons.

The next option lets you choose if you want to calculate coupon discounts sequentially.

This means that customers can apply multiple coupons to the one product and WooCommerce will apply the first coupon to the full price of your product and the second coupon to the discounted price etc.

For example, if you have a $50 product and a customer adds a 20% discount coupon for first-time buyers, and then a 10% discount coupon for a holiday special:

  • WooCommerce will first take 20% off the original $50, bringing the price down to $40
  • Then the 10% discount will be applied to the discounted $40 price, bringing the price down to $36

Only select this option if you want customers to be able to apply multiple coupons to the one order.

WooCommerce has more information on coupons if you’re still confused.

Currency Options


This option allows you to select the type of currency that will be shown on your store, which is also the currency you will receive your payments in.

Currency Position

This allows you to select where you want the currency symbol to appear, e.g. on the left ($50) or the right (50$).

Thousand Separator, Decimal Separator, and Number of Decimals

The other options are pretty straightforward:

  • What symbol you want to use for the thousand separator, e.g. 1,000
  • What symbol you want to use for the decimal separator, e.g. 10.50
  • The number of decimals you want your prices to show. This is normally 2, e.g. $7.60.
    If you’re dealing in high numbers, however, you might want to set the number of decimals to zero, so instead of showing $100,000.23, customers will simply see $100,000

Remember to hit Save changes, and you’re done with the General Settings for your WooCommerce online store!


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