We are moving from Extrawoo.com to Puri.io

What does this mean for you?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Your plugins will continue to work the same with the same license. We recommend that you update when the next plugin update is available.

We’ll automatically redirect everything to the new domain when it’s ready.


The move is happening over the next couple of days. Once completed you’ll be able to access all your existing invoices, details and licenses at https://puri.io

Why We Decided To Change Our Business Name

So, we’ve decided to make the change from Extra Woo to Puri. It’s a huge effort, so why did we decide to do it? Well, there’s a few reasons:

Reason Number 1:

Woo is trademarked by WooCommerce.

Here is a quote from WooCommerce’s Style Guide about when you need permission to use Woo in your business name:

“In a domain name, use the marks “WooThemes” or “WooCommerce” in any way, or use “Woo” as a reference to WooCommerce or in a way that suggests an affiliation to Automattic. E.g., BestWooThemes.com.”

This in itself seemed like a pretty good reason to change.

Granted, we could have asked WooCommerce for permission to keep our name, but after considering the other reasons below, we decided it was time for a change anyway.

Reason Number 2:

We want to develop other plugins that are outside of the WooCommerce space.

Our store is actually running on Easy Digital Downloads, so we’ve developed a bunch of plugins to help run things in the back end. We’d really like to be able to put them out under the same business name. So it makes sense to have a standalone type name.

Reason Number 3:

This one is more psychological – Does the word ‘extra’ make our plugins seem like they’re just add-ons and worth less?

We’ve put a lot of time and hard work into developing our plugins in spaces that we’ve found to be lacking. Along with our plugins, we’ve also provided a lot of customer support, which takes time and effort too!

We constantly have to keep up with the WordPress ecosystem and update our plugins accordingly. We don’t just create our plugins and walk away, we commit to ongoing maintenance so you can have the best experience with our plugins – they’re not just an extra!

Reason 4:

ExtraWoo doesn’t sound as professional as other names.

Our products are often used by agencies to run sites for their clients. ExtraWoo could be taken to having a different meaning and perhaps not look as professional as an alternative name. We wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble with their clients, bosses, or spouses because our name looks a little risque! ;P

Wrapping up

We are looking forward to continuing on under Puri. We hope you are enjoying the big round of updates that we’ve released for Availability Search for WooCommerce. We’ve got some huge quality changes coming to Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce next!

If you are in the Easy Digital Downloads space feel free to reach out. We’d be interested to hear about your setup and any feature requests you might have!

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