Useful Gutenberg Block Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re like me and take some time adjusting to change, you’ll want to know some handy shortcuts to make life easier and editing faster in the new Gutenberg block editor. Here’s a list of some keyboard shortcuts that I found most useful in saving my precious fingers from having to click all the time.

Keep in mind that pressing enter creates a new block for you. If you want to start a new paragraph and not create a new block, use shift + enter.

Bring up a list of shortcuts: Shift, Alt + H

This will basically make the rest of this post unnecessary, but I’m being kind and telling it to you at the beginning, rather than the end, even if it means you don’t use the rest of my tips here.

Pressing Shift + Alt + H on Windows, or Ctrl + Opt + H on Mac will bring you up a list of handy shortcuts you can use in the Gutenberg Editor, as shown below. If you do choose to keep reading, I’ve picked out the shortcuts that I find myself using the most.

Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts list.

Create a new block type: /

After pressing enter to create a new block, simply press the forward slash (/). This will bring up a list of your most recently used block types, so you can select which one you need.
For those who absolutely hate clicking, you can also start typing the type of block you need, such as /image, or /audio and press enter, which will create that type of block for you.

New block list that pops up when using the / symbol.

Add Headings: #, ##, ###, and ####

Simply type # once and space bar to create a H1 heading. Two will make a H2, three will make H3, and so on. This only works at the beginning of a new block.

Insert a New Block Above The Selected Block: Ctrl + Alt + T

This will insert a paragraph block above the block you currently have selected.

If you want to insert a block below the block you currently have selected, simply press enter. If this doesn’t work because you’re writing a list or a quote, press Ctrl + Alt + Y to insert the block below.

Duplicate a block: Ctrl + Shift + D

Simply click on the block you want to duplicate and press ctrl + shift + D. This will create a duplicate of your current block directly below it.

Delete a block: Shift + Alt + Z

Easily delete blocks by selecting the block and pressing shift + alt + z. If you make a mistake, remember Ctrl + Z is always there to undo your last move (in this case, bring your block back)!

Add a Quote: >

Type > and then press space to insert a quote, which will be formatted as shown below.

This is my quote.

Other text formatting options

Gutenberg simple text formatting options.
Default image
Hi, I'm Lari. I hope what I've written here is easy to understand and you find it useful. Feel free to drop a comment if you've got any questions or topics you want me to look into and write about! Catch you in the next one 😊

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