Video Marketing for Online Store Products: 8 Key Factors for Success

Online shopping is great and convenient, but it does have one massive downside – there’s a massive screen separating your customers from your products.
Not being able to physically interact with a product is a big deal. Studies have shown that if you can get someone to touch a product, they’re a lot more likely to purchase it.
So how do we bridge that gap? Here’s 8 ways to make your products more appealing to customers.

#1 Make your video engaging

What are the main reasons we watch videos? Generally it’s either to be entertained or to get information.
How many times have you sat there watching the countdown so you could skip the annoying ad on YouTube? When we see something interesting, we want to watch more, but as soon as we feel advertised to, we tend to switch off and keep scrolling. People want to see content, not advertising.

There’s a few ways to make an engaging video, and it all really depends on your product. You’ll have to decide for yourself the best strategy for your video, but there are a few different options:

Make an entertaining video that people will enjoy watching

Entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean humor, it just means the content should be engaging. If your video is a little bit unique and whacky, people might just watch it to find out what happens next. Even if they aren’t particularly interested in your product – at least they’ll remember it!

This is a great example of Apple making something simple and kind of boring, like Face ID, into something really interesting and entertaining.

Show what your product does

Giving a short instructional video can be super handy. It helps customers see how they can use the product in their everyday lives and have a good understanding of what they’re getting.
The trick here is to get yourself out of sales mode. People tend to switch off and become more wary if they feel like they’re being sold to. Potential customers are more likely to keep listening if they see your product in a real world situation that could apply to them.

This is a short and simple video that shows how the phone app works with the coffee machine. Notice it shows the coffee being made in different situations, such as when you’re relaxing on the couch or waking up in the morning. It also shows how to easily order new coffee pods for the machine through your phone. I think I need one of these actually.

Tell a Good Story

Try telling an interesting story with your product as the main feature. This particularly works well if you want to portray your company a certain way also, such as being an ethical or environmentally sustainable company – tell the story of how you do that!

This video by Nespresso tells a story about improving the quality of coffee, but also of individual lives.
It’s a powerful form of advertising that makes the company seem a lot more ethical, but also small and close to you as a consumer. When you watch this video, you forget that it could be being made by a massive company.

#2 Picture yourself as a customer

Imagine you’re going into a store in the real world. You see your product on the shelf.
What would you want to do with it? Would you want to see the bottom of it?
Would you want to see how a button worked? Would you want to know how heavy it was?
How would you decide whether this product was right for you?

Use these ideas to give your customers the closest experience they can get to actually interacting with your product in a physical store.

This ad shows how easy it is to take the cap off the water bottle, how durable it is when it’s dropped (or hit with a hockey stick), how well the lid seals so it doesn’t leak, and that it works in a dishwasher. It also gives you an idea of the size of the bottle by showing it fitting in a bag and next to various everyday objects.

#3 Show your product in use in the real world

People like to see things that are real and relatable. Put your product in situations that your customers might use it in. Show how it might be useful for them.
You could do a demonstration to show customers how it’s used.
Maybe you’ll consider an unboxing video showing customers exactly what they get – this would be especially good if you have fancy packaging and lots of extras included.

Show your customers the main features of your product and the problem it solves for them. How does it make their lives better?
It’s one thing to know what a product does, but then customers also need to feel like they have a use for the product.

Again, the tip here is to try not to come across too salesy. Try to talk less about yourself and more about how your customer and how your product can fit into their lives. Remember, we’re all egotists at heart. As much as we love to talk about ourselves, our eyes glaze over when we have to listen to someone else talking about themselves for too long. Try to keep relating to the customer and make your product engaging, rather than a dry sales pitch.

This is a good example of an engaging video that shows the iron in use and highlights its features at the same time. It can steam a lot, or just a little. It also switches itself off when required!

#4 Include a call-to-action

Even if your video is going to be displayed on a product page in your online store, it’s still just as important to end with some sort of reminder for customers to make a purchase. Remember, if your video is shared, it could end up being viewed somewhere else, rather than your product page. So, you want to at least display your store name and contact details. A link to your site or the product page itself would be even better. So long as potential customers can easily click their way into your checkout after watching!

This IKEA ad is both unique and includes the call-to-action at the end by showing customers where they can go to find the products displayed in the ad.

#5 Keep it concise

People these days don’t have a long attention span. A brief one minute video is enough time to give customers a good idea of your product without them zoning out.
Remember, people are more likely to remember something that was short and engaging than something that was long and boring.

This Philips Shaver ad is only 30 seconds, but it gets the message across.

#6 Include shots showing different angles of your product

The idea of a product video is to give customers a better look at your product – it doesn’t add much if you only show your product from one angle!
The old 360 degree rotating product shot can be seen as a bit outdated, so try to get a little creative with how you show your product.

This video is a great example of a creative way to show the product from all sorts of angles!

#7 Prioritize your popular products

Unfortunately, we all only have a limited amount of time and money to work with.
Consider prioritizing making videos for your best selling products first because these are the ones that make you the most money.
Remember, you can also use these videos to upsell your other less popular products, which brings us to the next point.

#8 Use your videos to cross-sell and upsell

If you have other products that work well together, then think about including them in the video when you’re showing how your product works.
You don’t have to talk about them, that might take away from the focus on your product, but just having them in the shots will make people more likely to check them out too!
You might also mention other products customers can upgrade to in the future, especially if you’re offering a digital product with a free trial, or a subscription that customers can upgrade if they find your product super useful!

This ad is for a camping table, but at the end they mention that it can be ‘paired with any of our chairs.’ This is one good example of cross-selling in a product video.


Speaking of upselling, if you’re looking for a simple way to put a video on your product page, check out our Featured Videos for WooCommerce plugin!

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