User Notes Plugin

User Notes gives you the power to quickly add private notes to any user and WooCommerce customer. Never forget an important detail again!

Our User Notes plugin allows you to add private notes to all users on your WordPress site.
User Notes also fully integrates with WooCommerce. You can quickly add customer notes from any WooCommerce order.

Features Overview

  • Add private notes to each user in your WordPress site.
  • Quick overview to see which users have notes.
  • View the date & time when a note was last updated.
  • View the name of the person who last updated a note.
  • WooCommerce support for customer notes.
  • Fully translatable.

Who can edit user notes?

User and customer notes can only be viewed and edited by specific WordPress user roles.

  • Administrators
  • Shop Managers (WooCommerce user role)

Can I quickly see which users have notes attached to their profile?

Yes. Our User Notes plugin adds a “Notes” column to the all users table in WordPress. You can quickly see if the user already has a note, or you can add one.

All users table in the WordPress admin area.

Where can I find a user note?

User Notes are stored on the individual user profile. This is also where you view and edit notes for a user. The notes only are displayed to signed-in users who have permission to manage notes.

Am example note on the a user profile.

Does User Notes support WooCommerce?

Yes. User Notes is ready for WooCommerce. You can visit any WooCommerce order and quickly view the private note for the customer who placed the order. Having the note available on the order screen makes it easy to remember and reference past notes that are important to the customer’s orders.

You can even update the private user note directly from the order screen.

#View private notes for the WooCommerce customer on the current order.
WC New Order Admin Emails + User Notes
Example WooCommerce Email that is sent to admins for new orders

You can also add the private user note to the emails that admins receive for new orders. To enable private user notes in WC admin emails use this snippet in your functions.php file

add_filter( 'puri_user_notes_enable_notes_wc_admin_order_email', '__return_true' );
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Is the note ever visable to the user?

No, the note is private only for admins of the site.

Need a specific feature?

If you are looking for a specific feature or integration for our User Notes plugin, send us a message via support.


  • This is a very useful plugin!

    I was looking for something like this for a while. I needed a simple, easy to use plugin to quickly add some user notes for our WooCommerce Shop customers. This plugin does exactly that. I love how you can see the user notes even from each order view. Definitely recommended!

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