WooCommerce Stock Management Explained

WooCommerce Stock Management Explained

In the past, you had to manually maintain the inventory of your physical products, but not anymore! WooCommerce gives you all the tools you need to automate the stock management of your online store. This post contains an ultimate guide on how to easily modify inventory settings inside your WooCommerce store. We’ll start with a […]

Should I Sell Software Using Licenses Or A One-Off Fee?

Should I Sell Software Using Licenses Or A One-Off Fee?

Many software developers have moved to a subscription based model. There are a few who haven’t though, and they have their reasons. For a new developer, it’s a tough decision deciding which way to go. We know, we’ve been there! So for any new developers out there, or any seasoned developers who feel the need […]

8 Types of Online Shoppers And How To Sell To Them four people staring at a computer

8 Types of Online Shoppers And How To Sell To Them

The customer is always right ( well sometimes), BUT not all customers have the same value for your business. It’s important to know which customers are the most valuable for you, and therefore who you should be dedicating the most time and resources into keeping. It’s also important to know which customers aren’t giving your […]

Replace the “out of stock” frowny face Storefront Theme Screenshot of the Storefront Theme "out of stock" frowny face

Replace the “out of stock” frowny face Storefront Theme

You may have noticed that the Storefront Theme has an odd design choice. When customers view a WooCommerce product that is out of stock, they are greeted by a sad frowny face. The frowny face can leave your customers with a sad impression that they didn’t get to their product in time. Out of stock […]

Change WooCommerce “Out of Stock” Messages Guide Screenshot of "out of stock" WooCommerce message

Change WooCommerce “Out of Stock” Messages Guide

The default out of stock messages in WooCommerce aren’t friendliest for customers. This guide will show you how you can change and customize any of the out of stock or in stock messages. Changing Product “Out of stock” to “Sold out” Simple products will have the default “out of stock” message. It’s really easy to […]

Are you using colors wrong for your branding and online marketing?

Color in marketing and branding can hurt your business if used incorrectly. But if used right, color can be a powerful marketing and conversion tool. I did some research and compiled some of my insights in this post about why you should pay more attention to branding and color. Why do we even need to […]

11 Ways To Get Customers To Trust Your Store

We all know that trust is super important when it comes to sales conversion. However, studies have found that trust is a really complex thing to build and involves all aspects of your business, including brand, products, communication quality, and perceived value for money. We’ve included some tips on making sure your online store is […]

Checkout Countdown 3.0 – Release Notes Checkout Countdown important release notes

Checkout Countdown 3.0 – Release Notes

Version 3.0 is out for both Checkout Countdown Free & Pro! We encourage you to read the release notes carefully. We’ve made some big changes to how the plugins function. PRO USERS – Pro version is now a standalone plugin (not an add-on). If you have upgraded to Checkout Countdown Free 3.0 and still are […]

Cookie Laws 101: What should you be doing and why?

What is a cookie? Unfortunately it’s not a tasty snack. It’s a small piece of data stored in your browser that allows a website to remember your preferences over time. Most websites need them in order to function. But they can also help with analytics and targeted advertising.  There’s heaps more information about the different […]