Storefront Child Theme

It’s important to use Child themes when developing WordPress sites, even more so if you are running a WooCommerce Store.

What is a child theme? A child theme allows you to make changes that work independently to the parent theme, in this case Storefront is your parent theme.

Why is it necessary? If you make changes directly into the Storefront theme then you will lose those changes when it’s time to update the theme. Updating a WordPress theme will override all existing theme files.

Child themes inherit all their parent information, like styles. That means that you can easily override certain CSS styles with your own.


We’ve put together a really simple child theme for you to use and it’s free. All you need to do is install the theme inside of WordPress and make your changes via FTP or your preferred method!

What’s included in the sample child theme?

  • Sample Screenshot with correct sizes
  • funtions.php file
  • style.css file

You change the screenshot and the theme author details in the files to suit your project.

Download Child Theme