Which plugin to clear WooCommerce carts?

We have two options for clearing carts:

Clear Cart for WooCommerce

Clear cart and sessions for WooCommerce

Our Clear Cart plugin is designed specifically for clearing customer carts.

Important Info: This plugin works in the backend, so it will clear customer’s carts even when they are inactive or close your site.

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce works in the frontend, which means it runs in the customer’s browser. It works by comparing the time the customer visited the site to the time the countdown is supposed to finish and counts down the minutes and seconds between those two points. We made it this way so the countdown will still continue in real time if the customer leaves your site and then returns.

This plugin is focused more on giving you a countdown for your site, rather than clearing the cart. If the customer closes your site, the countdown will only continue in real time if they return to your site again. A customer’s cart will not clear if they leave your site before the countdown reaches zero. It will clear, however, if the customer returns to your site after the countdown time has expired.

Important Info: The clear cart feature in Checkout Countdown only works when the customer has your site open in their browser and the countdown reaches zero.

I want to clear the cart even when customers aren’t on my site.

Our Clear Cart for WooCommerce plugin works in the backend to clear the cart, even when customers leave your site. You can set the amount of minutes you want items to be held in customer carts. Once a customer leaves your site, the cart will be cleared after your set amount of time.

Note: Our Checkout Countdown Plugin does clear customer carts, but it only works when customers are on your site when the countdown reaches zero.

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