Display the Availability Search with the shortcode: [availability_search]

Using the standard shortcode without any attribute will display the Availability Search using your settings. Parameters in the shortcode will be prioritised over the default settings. This way you can have multiple Availability Searches on the same page with different configurations

Shortcode attributes overview

Mix and match any of these Availability Search attributes inside the shortcode to configure the search to your needs.

This is a quick overview, you can read about each attribute in detail.

Calendar Date Picker mode

Calendar Range mode:
[availability_search datepicker="range"]

Calendar Single mode:
[availability_search datepicker="single"]

Limit Results by Categories

Enable a category dropdown for customers:
[availability_search category_selector="dropdown"]

Enable a category radio inputs for customers:
[availability_search category_selector="radio"]

Limit by Category:
[availability_search category_include="your-category-slug, category-2"]

Subcategories in the dropdown:
[availability_search category_include="parent-slug" category_subcategory="true" ]

Keyword Search

Keyword Search Flexible Match:
[availability_search keyword="flexible"]

Keyword Search Strict Match:
[availability_search keyword="strict"]

Display Search Results on a Different Page

Currently in Beta – this will redirect the search to a different page where, the search form will be pre-filled and start searching automatically.

[availability_search results_page="/results/"]

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