WPML also known as “The WordPress Multilingual Plugin”, allows you to translate your WordPress site and WooCommerce products into multiple languages.

Due to the way WPML creates duplicate products, we recommend you use another translation plugins with Reserved Stock Pro

Does Reserved Stock Pro work with WPML products?

No, not out of the box. You’ll need to install the free add-on below.

Here’s why WPML doesn’t work straight-away:

WPML creates duplicates of each WooCommerce product for each language.. Which can result in a lot of products.

A translated product is assigned its own product ID, so it’s not the same as the original. Normally product ID’s are considered unique which is why Reserved Stock Pro uses the product ID to track reservations.

Setup the WPML Add-on

The WPML Add-on does one thing. The add-on directs Reserved Stock Pro to detect the original product from all translated products.

This means reservations for all WPML translated products will always be tracked correctly since they refer to the original product.

Once installed on your site, the add-on will automatically detect if the current product is a ‘translation’, and check if the original product ID is reserved instead.

Get the Reserved Stock Pro | Add-on – WPML


Why hasn’t this add-on been built-in to RSP?

Our goal has been to keep Reserved Stock Pro performance fast. Only a minority of users use WPML, therefore we’ve created an add-on for those who need it. Most other translation plugins will work straightway.

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