Compatible Plugins & Themes

There are recommended WordPress products that work better with Reserved Stock Pro. We have either done extensive testing with these, or have a close working relationship with the developers.

Compatible Plugins & Themes

These plugins have been tested by us or our users with Reserved Stock Pro.


WooCommerce Custom Product Types

Reserved Stock Pro will skip products that are using third-party (custom) product types within WooCommerce. The main reason is products are required to use the standard WooCommerce stock methods. Otherwise reservations may break.

If you are using a custom product type which does use the standard stock methods, then you can add support via a snippet from our developer usage.

Plugins and Themes

Note: Some cart plugins can lead to incorrect reservation quantities and unexpected behavior if they do not handle validation correctly.

  • WPC Grouped Product for WooCommercemodifies the cart item object structure.
  • Mix & Match Products for WooCommerce – modifies the cart item object structure.
  • YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles – We recommend you use the official WooCommerce plugin instead.
  • Side Cart by XootixValidation when changing cart quantities not handled correctly.
  • FooEventsEvent tickets seats/product type/stock are not handled by RSP.
  • WooEvents – Event tickets are not handled by RSP.

Custom Carts (Maybe)

We often come across custom carts (side, floating, theme implemented) which have issues due to the lack WooCommerce validation code.

Typically you’ll know if the a product reservation is removed from the cart instantly after adding it the cart, or changing the quantity.

How to make custom carts compatible?

We’ve prepared a blog post on How to correctly set WooCommerce Products in the cart, you can pass the post onto the theme/plugin developers.

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