Getting Started

You’ve decided on Reserved Stock Pro (RSP) for your WooCommerce store, let’s get you setup!

Reserved Stock Pro touches many steps in the WooCommerce cart flow, it’s important that you use quality coded plugins.

You must see the list, as there’s important notes on different WooCommerce Payment Gateways.

2. Install on test/staging site

We highly recommend that you first install the plugin on a staging (test) version of your WooCommerce store. This way you can feely test everything out with your other third-party plugins and payment gateways.

3. Configure the settings

Screenshot of the Reserved Stock Pro settings page
Reserved Stock Pro settings page.

Configure the Reserved Stock Pro settings from the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Reserved Stock. We’ve got a video walkthrough on the plugin page that goes over the settings in more detail.

We recommend setting a low amount of reservation minutes for initial testing.

4. Check your caching setup

We’ve written a separate doc with everything you need to know about caching with WooCommerce and Reserved Stock Pro.

5. Customize to your needs

Now that your store works well with Reserved Stock Pro you can have a look at our developer documentation to further customize Reserved Stock Pro.

6. Test, test & test to make sure your store is ready

We’ve done countless amounts of testing of Reserved Stock Pro and WooCommerce, but every store has a slightly different setup with caching, products, payments, etc. Therefore you should run some tests on your store.

Run through the following tests to make sure everything is working as it should.

  • Add a stock managed product to the cart and check that the stock decreased on the product page.
  • Open an incognito window (WooCommerce will see this as a new session) and check that the stock of the product is correct.
  • Run through some test orders with your payment gateway. (Logged in customer, Guest Purchase, Guest creating a new account on checkout). Check that the stock levels are correct using an incognito window during the purchases.
  • If you store has a lot of traffic, simulate the load and environment.

Congratulations you’ve finished testing! If you run into issues let us know via support with the details!

7. Production Ready

You are now ready to install Reserved Stock Pro on your production WooCommerce store.

Give it a test as well, as we all know sometimes our production environment runs slightly different.

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