Caching Setup

Reserved Stock Pro has built-in support for various of caching plugins and setups, though there are additional steps that should take for the best experience.

WooCommerce Caching

Exclude This Cookie

We highly recommend that you make sure that your caching setup is excluding cache for everyone who has this cookie. Check your caching setup to find the setting for excluding cookies. Every cache tool should have such a section including WP Rocket and Cloudflare.


The woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie is only preset when a customer has items in their cart. Bypassing the cache will make sure that the customer is shown accurate data regarding their cart, stock, and checkout information.

The customer will also be able to see the Reserved Stock Pro countdown across your site correctly.

Object Caching

Object caching support is built-in to Reserved Stock Pro. It should work with any plugin that takes advantage of the WordPress Object Cache functions.

We’ve personally been working with store owners to make sure object caching is smooth with Redis Object Caching

Note: Object caching itself does require additional server setup. You don’t need to do anything with Reserved Stock Pro.

Page Cache

Reserved Stock Pro will automatically clear the page cache of products when the reservation stock level changes. To use this feature you’ll need one of the following page cache plugins. The cache plugin is automatically detected by Reserved Stock Pro and doesn’t require any configuration.

Need to add a custom cache integration?

We have a hook with will allow you to access the product id every time a product has stock reservations that change. This is the same hook that we use for the above integrations. Have a look at the developer hook here

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